Sandy Davidson

10101 E. Lucille Drive
Tuscon, 85730

Husband: deceased

In 1987 I started teaching elementary school. I am teaching third grade this year. I do the yearbook, talent show and musical production for our school also. I can retire next year, but probably won't. I enjoy it too much.

My daughter Kim and her husband Marty have 2 boys named Jake and Luke. They are 5 and 8. They live about three miles from by house. I see them often and am very involved in their lives. My son Clint recently moved to Denver and started his own company called CenterPoint Development. he has a serious girlfriend, but not wedding plans at this time.

On the personal side, I am engaged to a wonderful man that loves me to pieces. He has his own company called Architectural Alternatives. together we enjoy travel, camping, and quading. I am still quite involved with my church. I play trumpet for the church orchestra and am taking piano lessons.

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