Doug Downing

318 LaSalle Court
Flowood, 39232

I am employed as the Property Acquisition Manager for the Right of Way Division of Transportation. I am an active member in the First Baptist Church of Jackson. I still enjoy playing golf on Saturdays.

I am so grateful to be in good health and enjoying life. My parents are well and living in Brandon, and I have 2 nieces and 5 nephews who I love very much. I have a home in Flowood and a lot of good friends in the Jackson area.

I have a lot of fond memories of Oxford. The square looked much different in 1962 when we first moved to Oxford. I can remember the Welcome Rebel Parties, the radio on the Square broadcasting the Ole Miss Football games, the snow, and walking everywhere, Neilson's, Crestman's Barber Shop, Elliott's, Sneed's Hardware and football practice on those hot August days.

I also have a lot of good memories of you. Even though we have all moved on with our lives, there's just something about your high school days that are special.

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