Lynn Ellis

25 Richland Cove
Jackson, 38305

Before this past February I would have said that my life has been uneventful but rewarding. Then on February 5, 2008, a tornado roared through Jackson, TN and destroyed my house and my car. I was alone in the house and miraculously made it out without a scratch. At the present we are in temporary housing in Bells, TN where Blake works for PictSweet Frozen Foods.

As a result of the tornado our house of 22 years was torn down and our lot sold. We are currently house hunting. I quit my job at the hospital because of all the work that has to be done to rebuild our lives.

On a lighter note my children are doing great. My oldest son, Bo, is a tax lawyer in Washington, D.C. He is married with a 22 month old son, Brinson. My daughter, Leah, lives in Waynesville, NC while her husband is in physical therapy school. She is a mental health counselor in an elementary school and has a 9 month old daughter, Ellis Martha, who goes by "Ellie". My youngest son, Andrew, lives in Memphis where he is a sales rep for Xerox. He says Memphis is fine with him since he is an hour from Jackson and an hour from Ole Miss! I sent all my kids to Ole Miss and every fall you will find us in the Grove at the Jackson, TN Rebels tent. Come by to see us if you are there for a game.

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