Pam Massey

305 Hwy 331
Oxford, 38655

Pets: 2 Spaniel Mixes I rescued: Dottie and Missi, 3 cats that adopted me: Emkay, Stormy, and Zsabeaux

Since moving back from LA in late 2001 I have had a wonderful time enjoying being back in Oxford. There are many things I miss about LA but I'm very glad to be home and have the opportunity to spend time with my mother and watch my brilliant niece and two nephews grow up. Even though they live in Jackson, I get to see them and attend their events. That was something I could not easily do from LA.

I get back often enough to keep up with my friends and get a bigy city and traffic fix -- enough to make me realize how foolish I sound when I say, "You mean you want me to go 'all the way out to Wal-Mart?'"

I work part time for a Research Company. It's a cushy job becaus they are very kind about letting me run off and pursue other things here and there. I am living out in Tula in the &"old home place" with my two dogs and three cats that showed up one day and declared this their home.

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