Nita Pulliam

3316 Burlington Road
Roxboro, 27574

Four states, 5 kids, 1 grandkid, 3 cats, 3 dogs, 6 years home schooling, 3 businesses, 25 years in one house and 35 years of marriage.

After wearing out a half dozen washers and dryers and about that many stoves, dishwashers, computers and sets of tires and buying a gazillion paris of jeans and atheletic shoes, sports, camping and musical equipment and all the other stiff that kids require, plus the sheer exhaustion of keeping my hand on the back of their collars and at the same time keeping a couple of steps ahead of 4 every high-adventurous, curious boys (girls are much easier), our children are grown. Well, sort of. All four boys have their own places and all five are employed, thank goodness! I don't really notice a difference except they don't sleep here, unless you count naps. One, two or all five are here every day, they still head to the fridge and want to know what I've got to eat, my pocketbook is still the loan department, my yard seems the perfect place to change their oil or tinerk with a project and obviously my house is free mini storage.

Dave and I are still working like crazy at both our distribution businesses. I wish I had more time to enjoy refinishing furniture, reading and genealogy. I did make a now-or-never decision to dabble in architecture and interior design (a passion since 9th grade). In 2007 we bought a couple of houses to remodel for rent and later if all goes well we'll flip a few others when the market improves.

All five kids are following their passions. Emily, 31, works full-time at Person Industries, loves to bowl and has her dad's humor. Scott, 28, is graduating May 10th from NC State and begins his master's in English/Computer Science. Chris, 24, is studying real estate to get his broker's license. He lives with Patrick in Mebane, NC. Patrick, 23, is taking carpentry classes at ACC to become a general contractor. Morgain, 21, is a budding musician and putting together a recording studio and a new band and is engaged to Kelly. Taylor, 11, our granddaughter, loves school, astronomy, dance class and all her pets.

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