Robin Hunt

p>Robin Hunt is fondly remembered by her classmates. This petite strawberry blond with the big blue eyes seemed quiet until you experienced her quick wit and wonderful, quirky sense of humor. At the height of Beatlemania, Robin marched to the beat of a different drummer, to the beat of the Rolling Stones. In fact, she marched to her own drummer in many ways. Robin was not afraid of being a little bit different, of being herself. One has to respect that, in light of the teenage tendency to conform. We were richer for having known this unique individual.

Robin was married to a man with children. She was a wondeful stepmom. They lived on the Gulf Coast. She died after a battle with cancer. Shy and reserved at times, she never sought the spotlight, but Robin left her mark in the hearts of friends and family.

Written by Patti Callaway Harris.

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